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SGS provides you with free white papers written by technical experts from various fields. These documents emphasize the importance of services that enable you to drive continuous quality improvement and excellence at every level of your organization.

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Cover page for ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standard

Jun 26, 2015

Understanding the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standard

A discussion about sustainability issues and how they can be managed within an organization for the benefit of society today and for future generations.

Compliance & Integrity English
ISO/DIS 9001 Whitepaper preview

Jun 15, 2015


Entenda melhor o conteúdo e as prováveis implicações das alterações propostas para os requisitos do sistema de gestão de qualidade da norma ISO/DIS 9001.

Sustainability Portuguese (Brazil)
Front page of the whitepaper

Jun 10, 2015

Cell Substrate Characterisation In-Vitro Based Detection Methods

Regulatory authorities such as the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Evaluation Agency (EMEA) impose stringent limits on the amount of microbial contaminants and impurities present during the manufacturing of biological medicines and vaccines.

Life Sciences English
Understanding Global Olive Oil

May 28, 2015

Understanding Global Olive Oil Quality, Grading and Labelling Requirements

A brief summary of voluntary industry standards and government/state regulations; and an outline of common issues relating to adulteration and contamination.

Agriculture & Food, Consumer Goods & Retail English
Preview image of the whitepaper Supply Chain Management

May 13, 2015

Supply Chain Management: How Well Do You Know Your Supply Chain?

In early 2015, SGS invited food industry experts to take part in a survey – Current Industry Practices in Supply Chain Management: How Vulnerable is Your Supply Chain? This document looks at the subject, its definition, practices and risk management.

Agriculture & Food English
ITA for E&E Products

May 12, 2015

International Type Approval - ITA for Electrical & Electronic Products

With the continuous growth of worldwide trading business, more and more countries and regions have set up their own Type-Approval Systems to protect the environment and user safety as well as to maintain electromagnetic compatibility and radio network integrity. SGS offers integrated one-stop International Type Approval (ITA) Services for Electrical and Electronics (E&E) products covering ITE & mobile, household appliances, luminaires, audio/video, medical devices, photovoltaic, power supply, batteries, power tools and machinery products, amongst others. SGS’s International Type Approval Service was launched in 2007, and has developed solutions for more than 150 countries and regions, covering all major and fast growing markets. Our global network of Type Approval Experts not only ensures competitive pricing, fast turnaround times and high quality Independent services, but also a short cut for your products to enter targets markets.

Consumer Goods & Retail English
Whitepaper preview

Apr 01, 2015

How and When to Use Multiple Techniques in Biophysical Protein Characterization

Biophysical analysis has become increasingly important in the characterization of biologic drug candidates. A large number of analyses can be performed to determine 3D protein structure, including secondary, tertiary, and even quaternary structures of protein molecules such as monoclonal antibodies, to determine that the molecule is in a stable state.

Life Sciences English
POP new cover German

Mar 26, 2015

Verbreitung, Regulierung und Verringerung von Persistenten Organischen Schadstoffen (POPs)

Eine Untersuchung der Herkunft von Persistenten Organischen Stoffen (POPs) und der aktuellen Herausforderungen der globalen Konsumgüterindustrie im Zusammenhang mit der Identifizierung und dem Management von POPs in der EU und in den USA.

Agriculture & Food, Consumer Goods & Retail German
Dark orange gear sorrounded by white gears

Mar 09, 2015

ISO/DIS 9001 - What You Need to Know

Helping you to better understand the contents and potential implications of the proposed changes to Quality Management System Requirements in ISO/DIS 9001.

Sustainability English

Jan 29, 2015

Proliferation, Regulation and Mitigation of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Consumer Products and Supply Chains

An investigation into the origins of POPs and the current challenges facing the Global Consumer Goods Industry in identifying and managing the impact of POPs in the EU and US.

Agriculture & Food, Consumer Goods & Retail English
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