Private Brand Testing Program

SGS provides a private brand testing program that keeps your own brand food products safe, compliant with regulations and acceptable to consumers. Our food label analysis service therefore reduces risk and reinforces your market position.

Operating across a worldwide network of laboratories, our food labelling consultants use their expertise in nutrition facts analysis to assess your product claims and ensure regulatory compliance. To reduce your risk of non-compliance, or of creating descriptions that consumers reject, we offer a national brand equivalent program that comprises a range of testing services. The following allow you to compare your private brands to the prevailing national brands:

  • Comparison and analysis of nutritional facts
  • Marketing and competitive brand positioning review
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Organoleptic analysis (relating to the sense organs)
  • Physical and chemical analysis
  • Sampling
  • Sensory panel testing

Category- and product-specific testing

If changes occur within your supply chain, or in your own production facilities, you may need to re-evaluate the claims made on your food labels. But knowing what, where and how to test requires experience and expertise.

Our private brand specialists regularly perform category- and product-specific tests, using our database of test protocols and regulatory requirements. We can help you comply with the appropriate legislation at both the pre-production and production stages, and to verify your products in terms of safety and quality.

Contact SGS now to find out how our private brand testing program helps to reinforce your brand and assures your compliance with local and global regulations.

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