Industry Analysis

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Linking industry pain points to business impact

To gain a holistic understanding of the potential risks in the industry, SGS has developed a methodology that uses our compliance data to identify the industry’s top pain points and business impact events. This data was collected from the ISO 9001 certification standard.

The graphic highlights this process, identifying:

  • Top industry pain points
  • Impact events most likely to occur
  • Impact areas with the highest business risk

Identifying the Business Impact of These Risks

With our ISO 9001 analysis, SGS can find trends in our your data points and detect threats and areas of improvement. Each standard clause and their corresponding data points were reviewed, allowing us to discover the top pain point areas for the standard. Our methodology identifies the top-five industry pain points based on the number of occurrences within our data set. Our technical and industry experts then map each pain point to the most likely event that can negatively affect operations, which we refer to as impact events. These events allow us to identify the risk level of the four main impact areas of an organization.

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