Methane Abatement

Reduce methane emissions, a vital step in minimizing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

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What We Offer

SGS can assist you with the design and implementation of a methane abatement program. Our experience measuring and verifying fugitive emissions allows us to offer you the opportunity to benefit from an integrated approach to greenhouse gas verification. We will help your business keep pace with new industry initiatives to reduce, measure and verify environmental impact from emissions.

Why choose methane abatement services from SGS?

SGS has been supporting greenhouse gas verification projects for many years. These projects include the implementation of global and country specific verification and certification programs. We have experience measuring fugitive emissions using point source, area and unmanned aerial technologies. Recently, we have been verifying, measuring and reporting on CO2, nitrous oxide and methane emissions in the Middle East region.

Why is methane emission reduction important?

When it comes to global warming, methane is 84 times more damaging to the environment than CO2. Therefore, action must be taken to minimize the amount of methane released into the atmosphere. Reducing methane emissions also provides the added benefit of enabling organizations to retain a valuable commodity for sale – there has been a significant amount of self funding in this area.

The International Energy Agency has determined that conventional onshore oil and conventional onshore gas are responsible for almost half of the methane emissions from the entire oil and gas industry. Therefore, in order to meet sustainability objectives, this part of the industry must take action to reduce the release of this potent greenhouse gas.

Why SGS?

SGS provides innovative services and solutions for every part of the environmental industry. We have a history of successfully executing large scale, complex international projects.

We maintain a presence in every region of the globe, with a global network of offices and laboratories and a dedicated team of experts. Our experts speak the languages and understand the cultures of the local markets, while operating globally in a consistent, reliable and effective manner. We have the resources and the capabilities to respond to your needs, whenever and wherever they occur.

With a reputation for independence, excellence and innovation, we have established ourselves as the market leader in providing services that improve efficiency, reduce risk and deliver a competitive advantage.

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