Early Production Solutions

Benefit from market leading solutions that enable you to deliver oil quickly and cost effectively.

Petroleum production platform in offshore in oil

What We Offer

We provide rapid delivery and implementation of production methods with early productions facilities (EPF) solutions designed to meet your oil and gas field requirements. We offer separate services for oil or gas production facilities as well as combined EPF solutions that efficiently handle both oil and gas.

Our solutions include:

  • Two- and three-phase separation
  • Gas sweetening packages
  • Gas dehydration packages
  • Dew point control units
  • Oil dehydration, desalting and heating
  • Produced water treatment packages
  • Sand handling
  • Fuel gas processing
  • Flare systems
  • Fire and gas utilities
  • Power generation

Why choose early production solutions from SGS?

Our early production and production enhancement solutions allow you to:

  • Ensure oil is delivered quickly
  • Appraise reservoir performance with real-time production data before installing permanent facilities
  • Benefit from a fast turnkey operation with transparent deliverables, including well site equipment, utilities, control rooms, civil works, plant commissioning and long-term operation
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Why SGS?

We provide the world’s most comprehensive range of integrated inspection, testing, certification and advisory services, powered by the latest technology and digital tools. With the help of our global network of experts, you will be able to navigate a wide range of new standards, regulations and corporate responsibilities.

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