Integrated Enhanced Oil Recovery Project

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Integrated Enhanced Oil Recovery Project for an Asian National Oil Company

An Asian national oil company wanted to redevelop a mature field, looking at infill wells, waterflooding and enhanced oil recovery. It also wanted to incorporate fluid and core flooding analysis, updates of the static model, a new dynamic model for wells and facility design, sizing and costing. An economic analysis was required.

The operator had a mature oilfield, operating since 1986, with 8 platforms and over 70 development wells. The field was in decline and required a major redevelopment to restore production and develop additional reserves.

SGS deployed a team of petroleum engineers, subsurface geoscientists, process engineers, EOR specialists and a full suite of laboratory services to:

  • Carry out an integrated fluid and core flooding program
  • Design an in-depth static model review
  • Build, history match and develop forecasts with a new dynamic model
  • Identify infill well locations
  • Develop water flood and EOR pilot and fullfield programs
  • Create a scalable process design tool for facility sizing, weight and cost
  • Carry out an economic analysis

Integrated Enhanced Oil Recovery Project

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SGS Solution

SGS successfully carried out a fully integrated fluid and core flooding analysis, subsurface and surface review which included:

  • Fluid compatibility analysis
  • EOR core flooding tests
  • Static and dynamic modeling of uncertainties with history matching
  • Infill well and waterflood optimization
  • EOR screening, selection and optimization

The key steps in this project included:

  • EOR screening
  • Fluid compatibility and core flooding analysis
  • Updates of the static model and development of a new dynamic model
  • Wells and facility design, sizing and costing
  • Economic analysis of pilot and fullfield waterflood and EOR development
  • Workshops to carry out working sessions, share knowledge and best practices and hand over models to the client team

Client Benefits Delivered

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In depth review of fluid compatibility analysis

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EOR screening and core flooding optimization

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New static and dynamic models, fully history matched, and applicable to infill well, waterflood and EOR development

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Optimized and profitable infill, waterflood and EOR development plans

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Workshops for working sessions, knowledge sharing and best practice sharing

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