Hi Rate Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM) Well Testing

Petroleum production platform in offshore in oil

MPFM Wet Gas Challenge

A client in a remote onshore location needed to execute a well test program on a condensate exploration well with clean up and interference testing to evaluate the reservoir performance.

The remote well site was located on a mountain without road access. All equipment was transported to the site by helicopter.

One SGS multiphase flow meter (MPFM) and two heli-portable separator units were mobilized for the well test. Working within the helicopter load limitation, the MPFM was used as the main measurement device for flow rates of up to 60 MMscf/d.

The interference test lasted for several days, with multiple different rates. Obtained results were valuable for client analysis of the reservoir performance.

Hi Rate Multi-Phase Flow Meter (MPFM) Well Testing

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Service Provided

The SGS MPFM Well Test team helped the client to perform:

  • Real time and continuous data acquisition for different choke sizes without any time lost
  • High flow rate test of nearly 60MMScfd, which could not be achieved using test separators
  • Daily onsite data interpretation for the client’s representative
  • Post processing data based on the different PVT tables provided, as per client request, after test was completed and demobilized

Client Benefits Delivered

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Well test data provided to client for 14 days uninterrupted

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Dual system well test performed in remote location to provide more reliable results for higher rates than conventional remote well testing restrictions allowed

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Multiple rates tested to evaluate reservoir performance

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Better understanding of well behavior through MPFM data analysis over time

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Post processing of the MPFM test results after completion of test to accommodate client scheduling and logistical issues

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