Emissions Management Using AIHR Shark

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Identifying Emission Source and Validating Corrective Actions Using Directional Passive Sampling

An oil refinery was experiencing elevated fence line monitoring benzene concentrations above the regulatory guidelines, requiring corrective actions.

Multiple possible sources existed in the complex process plant setting, and the operator was unable to determine the emission source based on an extended period of process monitoring and wind speed/direction data.

The client risked enforcement action and a requirement to cut back on production in the event that it was unable to identify the source of high benzene emissions.

Emissions Management using AIHR Shark

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SGS Solution

SGS deployed four AIHR Sharks, our state-of-the-art hands-free technology to monitors emission levels caused by refinery activity or off-site sources. These units were initially deployed at existing passive monitoring locations of concern on the fence line to determine the concentration and direction of the emission source.


SGS Results

The SGS AIHR Sharks were deployed in-line within the two week sampling period of the existing monitoring systems, and data from the SGS campaign was analyzed. The analyses indicated higher benzene concentrations in certain sample locations. The results were loaded into a software program which geolocated the Sharks on a Google map of the facility for ease of data interpretation.

The data generated from this and follow-on air sampling provided the empirical data needed to determine the source of the high emissions and the changes to process operations that were needed to reduce the benzene concentrations at the fence line.

The SGS AIHR Shark identified when process changes had been completed and confirmed that the modifications made were sufficient to reduce the benzene emissions.

Client Benefits Delivered

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Quick pinpointing of the source of high emissions

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Provision of analytical and geo-location data needed to identify and reduce emissions

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Provision of before and after measurements to confirm benefit of corrective actions

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Quick stand-alone deployment

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Cost effectiveness

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