Onshore and Offshore Wind

Independent testing, inspection and advisory services to minimize risk and optimize the performance of your wind farm

SGS will help you to achieve operational excellence and an uninterrupted power supply, whether you require end-to-end project management or assistance with just one phase of your project. We work with manufacturers, operators, owners, lenders and vendors, supporting every phase of onshore and offshore wind farm development. Our truly independent, third party services will enable you to minimize risk and ensure quality, safety and efficiency.

Wind Turbines at Sea


Site assessment to measure the characteristics of your proposed site and the chosen wind turbines. Considerations include technical optimization and environmental and financial parameters.

We will support your project management team with design verification and the identification, quantification and handling of risks. Our services will enable you to achieve greater certainty in costing, scheduling and financial planning.


Quality and safety assessments to ensure that your chosen turbines and their components are manufactured to the required quality and procedures. We will help you to reduce the risk of damage and failure and safeguard value throughout your supply chain.

Construction and Commissioning

SGS will conduct quality and compliance due diligence to ensure your project meets national and international standards. We will confirm that scope, quality, costs, HSE, scheduling and technical aspects comply with original specifications, from tendering to final acceptance. We are committed to ensuring the highest HSE standards and recognize that minimizing risk is vital to your project’s success.


Our inspection, testing and document review services will enable you to identify risks and damage early and implement remedial actions quickly, so you can:

  • Optimize asset life
  • Minimize operating expenses, downtime and revenue loss
  • Safeguard operational efficiencies

Our Accreditation Is Your Assurance

SGS offers type certification and type testing of wind turbines and components according to IEC 61400 (based on ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation and ISO/IEC 17025). We have implemented an information security management system according to ISO/IEC 27001 and we are ISO/IEC 17020 accredited for inspections.

In Germany, the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) authorizes us to carry out project certification for offshore wind farm projects. In Spain, we are certified as a training provider per the Global Wind Organization (GWO) standard for Basic Safety Training (BST), both onshore and offshore.

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