ISTA Packaging Testing Services

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From the basic cardboard box to product-specific transit packaging, our International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) testing services can help.

Do you need packaging that will:

  • Protect, transport, promote?
  • Reduce damage, claims and product loss?
  • Improve customer satisfaction?
  • Build a reputation for quality?

ISTA testing standards are the most widely used in the industry. Our ISTA expertise can help you to anticipate and prevent the most common packaging issues.

ISTA Certified Testing Labs

Demonstrate to your customers that your packaging offers a higher level of protection than competitors who do not test.

Our global network of ISTA certified laboratories are staffed by highly skilled specialists with an in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge methodologies and developments in regulations. We test your packaging to the following ISTA Procedures:

  • ISTA 1 Series: Non-Simulation Integrity Performance Testing
  • ISTA 2 Series: Partial Simulation Performance Tests
  • ISTA 3 Series: General Simulation Performance Tests
  • ISTA 4 Series: Enhanced Simulation Performance Tests
  • ISTA 6 Series: Member Performance Tests (including 6-FEDEX-A & B, Project 6-SAMSCLUB & Project
  • ISTA 7 Series: Development (Thermal) Tests

Protecting your products with ISTA testing will improve your:

  • Profits – through reduced damage, claims and product loss
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reputation for delivery of high-quality products

ISTA 6-Amazon: Are You Ready?

Avoid packaging chargeback fees with ISTA’s 6-Amazon testing.

Amazon’s new Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) Certification standards, updated in February 2020, require all packaging to be easy to open, designed to be recycled and able to protect products from damage throughout the supply chain without the need for additional packaging or preparation by Amazon.

The ISTA 6-Amazon certification has three tiers:

  1. Frustration Free Packaging (FFP)
  2. Ships in its Own Container (SIOC)
  3. Prep-free Packaging (PFP)

At SGS, we want to make it easier for manufacturers and retailers to gain certification. Our packaging experts are best placed to evaluate your packaging needs and guide you through Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging Certification process. They can also help determine the best certification and most efficient path for your products and recommend options to reduce costs and unnecessary waste while improving sustainability and customer experience.

In addition, SGS is a leading member of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS).

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ISTA Packaging Testing

Discover our ISTA 6-Amazon packaging test services and lab network


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6-Amazon Services

Watch the video to learn more about ISTA 6-Amazon certification requirements, and how SGS can help

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Why Choose SGS?

As the world leader in inspection, testing and certification services, SGS is first choice for ISTA certification for companies from across a wide range of industries, all of whom receive the same high levels of delivery and integrity that has come to be expected of SGS services.