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We strive to extend the range and geographic availability of our services. In addition to organic growth we actively acquire companies that strengthen our business and support our vision.
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Aerial View of a Coastline at Sunset

SGS Acquires Ecotecnos, Chile

Ecotecnos provides sea monitoring and oceanography services to multiple sectors in Chile.
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Global Network Digital Background

SGS Digicomply Now Wholly Owned by SGS Group

This transaction helps us to achieve our strategic target of becoming the most digital company in the TIC industry.
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Thermal Power Station

SGS Announces the Acquisition of AIEX in France

This acquisition enhances our portfolio of services for the nuclear energy sector.
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Pressure Gauge

Acquisition of Gas Analysis Services

Gas Analysis Services is an Irish gas analysis testing and instrumentation specialist group.
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Solution Being Pipetted into Test Tubes for Analysis in Laboratory

We Have Acquired Quay Pharmaceuticals Limited

Quay Pharma is a UK-based provider of innovative, formulation research and development services for the global biopharmaceutical sector.
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Petrochemical Refinery Plant next to a River

We Have Acquired Sulphur Experts Inc. in Canada

This acquisition enhances our Sustainability Solutions, supporting our customers on their sustainability journey.
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Cosmetic Products

Acquisition of Groupe IDEA TESTS

IDEA is a leading provider of clinical, microbiological and in-vitro testing in France.
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Glass Corridor in a Modern Building

Acquisition of Metair Lab

Metair Lab provides air sampling and asbestos testing services in France.
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Acquisition of Brightsight

Brightsight is the world’s leading cybersecurity evaluation laboratory network for chip-based security products.
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Acquisition of The Lab (Asia) Ltd

We’ve acquired a minority stake in The Lab (Asia) Ltd. It now becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the SGS Group following the initial acquisition of 51% in 2016.
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