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New IoTech Team Will Enable SGS to Become the Digital Leader in the TIC Industry

Digital & Innovation NewsInternet of Things (IoT)June 08, 2022

During our 2021 Investor Days, we presented our vision of becoming the digital leader in the TIC industry by applying digital technologies and methodologies to create new products and services, automating operations, and improving the customer experience through a customer-centric approach.

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To help us achieve this vision, our 2023 ambitions include three key focus areas:

  • Data- Driven Company: enhance performance by connecting data, people, and processes – our CEO, Frankie Ng, has stated that we expect to be fully data-driven by 2025
  • Smart Simplicity: augment physical operations with artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Customer First: the right service, for the right person, at the right time 

At IoTech Central, we strongly believe in the huge potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to shape our core business. IoT allows us to bring value to our customers and increase customer satisfaction by providing innovative services and enabling us to achieve operational efficiencies. It also creates new digital business opportunities for us and strengthens SGS’s position as a digital player in the global market.

Meet SGS's global IoTech Central team in Madrid

Meet SGS’s Global IoTech Team

The IoTech team’s mission is to lead and support our customers in the transition towards Next Generation Digital Services through providing state-of-the art IoT solutions. Its vision is to become the globally recognized point of reference for providing innovative, sustainable and cost efficient IoT solutions.

Learn more about the Internet of things (IoT) in Digital Explained: Issue 3.

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Aleksandar Mitrevski

Head of IoT Services

Aleksandar Mitrevski

Digital and Innovation
Siddi Wouters

Senior Vice President

Siddi Wouters

Digital and Innovation

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