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Modern Operation Room in Hospital

Our First Ever MDR Certificate Issued

Following dedication and long hours, we are thrilled to issue our inaugural Medical Device Regulation (MDR) certificate.

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Volumetric Flasks Containing Solutions

ECHA Consults Over Nine Substances as SVHCs

The European Chemicals Agency has launched a 45-day consultation for listing several chemicals as SVHCs. Comments will be accepted until October 17, 2022

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Fishing Boat at Sea

SGS Experts Discuss the Link Between 6-PPD Quinone and Reduced Coho Salmon Populations

Watch our video and learn how experts at SGS were able to identify the toxic substance that is causing the deaths of Coho salmon in the Pacific Northwest.

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Open Pit Mine

Mobile Sample Units Help the Mining Industry Be More Sustainable: Learn More from an SGS Expert

Watch our video to discover how MSPUs are helping to protect the environment.

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Living Room Furniture Set

New Foam Materials Testing Services for the Furniture and Mattress Industry

Our new and expanded testing capability for polyurethane (PU) slab foam and viscoelastic foam allows us to provide manufacturers with a one-stop-shop for compliance with requirements for furnishings.

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Landmark Signing of MoU by SGS and KTC

Landmark Signing of MoU by SGS and KTC Aims to Boost Trade Between Singapore and South Korea

This MoU aims to strengthen cooperation and collaboration in the field of electrical and electronic testing and product certification.
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Woman Tying her Shoelaces

Chemical Requirements for Derby Shoes and Sports Footwear Sold to Indian Markets

The implementation of BIS compliance for footwear made and sold in India will become mandatory from July 1, 2023. As per the Quality Control Order on footwear products, Derby shoes and sports footwear will be brought under compulsory BIS certification.

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Stock Market Digital Graph Chart

Be Future Ready and Thrive in a Digital Economy

Digital Explained: Issue 9

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Stack of Ceramic Bowls

Ukraine Announces Draft Orders for Certain Food Contact Materials and Articles

Ukraine has issued three pieces of draft legislation to regulate several categories of food contact materials and articles. Their safety requirements are aligned with those of the European Union.

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Computer Peripherals and Laptop Accessories

Major Information on VOC for Ivory Coast

A detailed look at Ivory Coast export regulations, including scope, assessment, product categories and certification.

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