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Durability webinar 1600px

Durability is the New Fashion

A complimentary webinar on EU and French durability regulations.
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Pipette dropper

How (2D)-LC-MS(MS) Enables Structure Elucidation of Unknown Impurities

Join our webinar to learn how HPLC-MS techniques can be used for structure elucidation of unknown impurities.
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IC Chip Lead Soldering

E&E Restricted Substances: EU Regulatory Updates Webinar

Learn about the latest updates to the EU’s restricted substance regulations for EE products.
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Environmental Conservation Concept

How Do We Improve Our ESG/Sustainability Scores?

Join our webinar and gain an understanding of the most widely adopted ESG/sustainability frameworks and standards, ESG ranking agencies and how you can improve your ESG scores.

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Frozen Fruit Factory

Good Practices: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Distribution Practices (GDP)

Join our webinar and learn about good practices from the founder and president of a successful consulting and training organization.

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View of Super Tanker with Container Unsplash

Kenyan PVoC Program Updates Webinar

Understand the changes in requirements in order to trade successfully and avoid penalties.

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Regulatory Updates on Restricted Substances in E&E Products for the US Market

The latest regulatory updates on restricted substances in E&E products sold in the US.
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Data Analysts Discussing Report

Adding Value with Data Analytics for Production Opportunities

Join this webinar to learn about how using data analytics, and artificial and human intelligence can optimise production.

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Boost Your Learning

Boost Your Learning, Increase Your Impact

Join our webinar where our experts will discuss the positive career impacts of training and certification.

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