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Adult Cashier Lady Working in Supermarket

Key Insights Into Managing Food Recalls & Serious Incidents

Join our live webinar to gain insights into the reality of managing food recalls and incidents, helpful guidance and much more.
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Advancing Fashion Accountability: the SGS Digital Traceability Solution

A complimentary webinar on an innovative solution for supply chain transparency in the fashion industry.
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From Data to Decision How AI Transforms Food Safety

From Data to Decision: How AI Transforms Food Safety

Join our live webinar to gain insight into the reality of how AI is transforming the industry, the beneficial elements, demonstrations and much more
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Child Product Safety: EU Decision Requirements

Prepare your business for changes to EU safety requirements for products intended for children with our complimentary webinar.
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Waiter carrying plates with meat dish

Introducing Realize: An Assessment for Food Safety Culture for the Food Service Industry

Join our live webinar and discover how to measure and improve your organization’s food safety culture with SGS Realize.
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Banner with white coral and beautiful shell

The Impact of Cosmetics Products on Reef & Ocean Ecosystems: Navigating ‘Coral Reef Friendly’ Claims & Efficacy Testing

Join our live webinar to gain insight into the importance of "coral reef friendly" and efficacy claims on cosmetics products.
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Industrial Plant

Co-Processing Biomass in a Regular Oil Refinery

Join us for a live webinar with our SGS experts, where we will be providing an insight into co-processing biomass, the impact of biofeedstocks into existing infrastructure and much more!
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Consultation with a Dermatologist

Clinical Studies of Androgenetic Alopecia Treatment Products

Join us for this live webinar with our SGS proderm experts for insights into the testing approaches for Clinical studies of Androgenetic Alopecia Treatment Products.
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Tractor Spraying Pesticides on Vegetable Field with Sprayer at Spring

Managing Dietary Risk Assessment in Pesticide Testing

Join our live webinar to gain insight into various dietary risk assessment models, the services that we can offer and much more!
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