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Remote inspection – changing product conformity assessment

March 18, 2018
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SGS is embracing new technology to streamline the certification process using remote inspection technology and a new online exporters portal for application submission.

Over the past decade there have been major changes in the way that certificates of conformity are issued. There have also been significant changes in responsibility for exporters and importers, as international governments have moved away from the more traditional pre-shipment inspections and embraced product conformity assessment.

Greater emphasis is now placed on ensuring and providing evidence to show that goods being traded are of high quality, that they are not substandard or counterfeit, and that exports do not pose any risk to the health and safety of both consumers and the local environment in the importing country. This means that there are now more steps than ever that need to be taken when exporting goods. However, we believe that new technology can help to simplify the process and improve turnaround times for exporters, whilst also giving greater visibility of the goods being exported to principals in the country of import.

Our white paper Remote Inspections – Changing Product Conformity Assessment explores these changes in more detail.

SGS KN Remote Inspection Whitepaper EN

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