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Closing the Plant Protection Gap: The Benefits of Biopesticides

Seed and Crop NewsSeed ServicesFebruary 24, 2023

The SGS Center of Agriculture Testing provides capacities for unique all-season test designs under protected and controlled conditions. Our experts support our customers with their long-lasting knowledge in study design and monitoring.

In November 2022, the long-awaited revised regulation for the “Information to be submitted for plant protection products and the specific data requirements for plant protection products containing micro-organisms” was published by the EU Commission.

Biopesticides should, among other biologicals, help to close the plant protection gap by reducing the use of chemical pesticides in agriculture. In order to meet the required reduction of 50% in chemical plant protection according to the specifications of the EU Green Deal, increased efforts are required in the research and development of newer solutions and products.

Biological pesticides are living organisms whose effect only unfolds when they grow, develop or multiply. Under controlled conditions, such as those prevailing in the greenhouse, biological pesticides play an important role in plant protection.

Part B/Chapter 3 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2022/1440, amending Regulation (EU) No 284/2013 lists the requirements for information on the use of biopesticides.

To meet the demand for testing, we have a dedicated GLP and GEP-accredited testing facility to deliver product testing and testing support for research and development.

The SGS test facility includes

  • Walk-in growth chambers – to allow the testing of plants with a fully controllable environment. (e.g. Light density (LED lighting), temperature and humidity)
  • Walk-in cool chambers – to support seed storage trials, vigor testing and plant growth/infestation at lower temperatures, as well as storage testing in stability studies
  • Research and development greenhouses – split into three equal zones with controlled lighting, heating and different irrigation regimes. The Venlo construction covered with Alltop panels (PMMA), allows a high permeability of UV-A + B light spectrum to match with natural open field light conditions
  • Laboratory spray equipment (Schachtner Research Track Sprayer) – for precise product application on plants, leaves, soils/substrates or other surfaces (glass plates, petri dishes etc.)
  • Technical equipment – e.g. to support sterile working (e.g. autoclave, clean bench, laboratory fume hood), seed nutrient analysis (NIR granolyser) and root and leaf assessments (rhizotrons, leaf area scanner)

SGS services

Our technical experts can support your studies with:

  • Evaluation of biostimulative effects on crops to support product label claims such as supporting nutrient uptake, enhancing natural nutritional processes and strengthening plant resilience against abiotic stress
  • Methods and analysis for crop analysis and assessment, as well as analysis of soil, substrate, grain nutrients and moisture
  • Biological efficacy testing against plant pathogens in fruit, vegetables, cereals and oil seed rape
  • SGS proprietary and common libraries of diseases for inoculum preparation and infestation of trials (greenhouse, climate chambers and open field)
  • Testing for microorganisms such as seed and soil borne pathogens, Botrytis cinera and arthropods such as red spider mites (T. urticae on e.g. peas and beans), aphids (A. craccivora on French bean, M. persicae on winter rape and R. padi on spring barley) and mealybugs (Pseudococcus sp. on ornamentals)

SGS has greenhouse and growth chamber capacities for special study design amends in our field trial capabilities all over Europe. Testing under controlled environmental conditions allows us to identify the maximum effect of new products and helps in the proper definition of label recommendations prior to testing under practical conditions in the field or commercial greenhouses.

For more information contact:

Dr. Lisa Kins
Health & Nutrition – Crop Science Field Trial Services
t: +49 172 4079344

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