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Cyber Security Digital Crime Concept

We Are Helping Developers of IoT Devices to Ensure Product Security

Our expert shares how we are helping IoT developers build trust with their consumers.
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Preserved Foods in Storage

SGS Services for Food Exporters to the Middle East: Video

Learn more about our services that help food and beverages manufacturers and traders access the market in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
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Test Tubes with Chemicals Solution

UK Consults Over Proposed Revision to Persistent Organic Pollutants

The UK has launched a consultation on potential revisions to the Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Regulation. Comments are accepted until April 27, 2023.
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Variety of Seafood Teaser

Acquisition of Seafood Testing Business from Asmecruz

The Asmecruz laboratory offers a comprehensive range of microbiological and biotoxins analysis services in Spain.
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Food Factory Quality Control

We Are at the Forefront of Testing for Food Safety

In this video, our expert discusses how we are leading the way in food safety testing.
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Uganda PCA

SGS awarded fourth consecutive PVoC contract for exports to Uganda

SGS is awarded fourth consecutive PVoC contract to help protect Ugandan consumers and support exporters in accessing markets with safe and compliant products.
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Arabia Saudi PCA Q1 2023

Selling to Saudi: combined conformity assessment services for textiles

Exploring SGS’s all-inclusive regulatory trade services for products sold to Saudi Arabia.
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Tanzania PCA Q1

Trouble-free Tanzanian Trade: PVoC services and eTrade solutions

Our Tanzania Bureau of Standards-approved PVoC program and exporter portal can help your export business operate efficiently, compliantly and successfully.
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Beyond Zoom: SGS QiiQ® digital inspection system

SGS’s QiiQ remote inspection app enables connectivity across time zones and countries, for comprehensive, secure and transparent interactions in real-time.
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SGS at Gulfood 2023 in Dubai

SGS Meets Food Market Players in Dubai at Gulfood

We are proud to announce our participation in Gulfood 2023. This was a great opportunity for us to showcase our services that help food exporters access the Arabian Peninsula market.
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