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SGS's Brookings Laboratory to Provide Key Plant Genotyping Services

Seed and Crop NewsSeed and Crop NewsOctober 12, 2022

SGS is pleased to announce the expansion of its testing capabilities to include plant genotyping at its crop science laboratory in Brookings, South Dakota, USA. Drawing on the expertise of our renowned SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH TraitGenetics Section (SGS IF TG) in Germany, this development will significantly expand SGS's seed testing and molecular analysis portfolio in North America.

SGS's Brookings laboratory will offer high-throughput array-based genotyping services using optimized and cost efficient plant genotyping arrays. All analyses at SGS's Brookings laboratory will be performed in close interaction with SGS IF TG to leverage their well established, industry leading standards and renowned technical expertise. SGS's Brookings laboratory will be able to accommodate both small and large projects for the plant breeding industry and for academic research.

Why is genotyping beneficial?

By properly using molecular markers in the breeding process, crop variety developers can select plants with specific, highly desired traits at a much earlier stage than would otherwise be possible. This reduces the need for early field trials, saving businesses a significant amount of time and money.

Both industry and academia are looking to outsource method development and routine testing programs to the private sector. However, to do so, they must first be assured that the services they will receive are robust and adhere to all professional standards. SGS has optimized genotyping arrays for many crop plants. We have built a stellar reputation for providing high-quality services that are at the forefront of plant genotyping research and the latest sector-specific technological developments.

SGS's Services to the Seed Industry

In addition to services such as seed purity, health, germination, vigor and trait confirmation, we provide:

  • Molecular diagnostics (genotyping)
  • Microarray genotyping with public and optimized proprietary plant arrays
  • Custom microarray development
  • Seed analysis including:
    • Variety identification
    • Homogeneity determination
  • Genetic mapping
  • GWAS and genetic relationship analyses
  • Tilling and identification of NBT mutations
  • Bioinformatics services
  • Consultancy and data management

About SGS's Brookings Laboratory

The SGS facility in Brookings, South Dakota, is a diverse multi-laboratory facility that boasts the world's largest seed testing laboratory with experienced registered seed technologists. With their specialized knowledge of germination and purity analysis, they have leveraged the facility's on-site capabilities to identify over 400 different seed varieties. Accredited to ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 since 2009, the Brookings laboratory is also EPA-approved for Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and ISTA (International Seed Testing Association) accredited. SGS's Brookings laboratory currently offers trait and adventious presence confirmation on all commercially available GMO traits as well as genetic and trait purity testing.

SGS has considerable experience in providing high-quality seed analysis services to the agricultural sector. With the addition of genotyping capabilities to SGS's Brookings laboratory's testing portfolio, SGS remains the first choice for agribusinesses operating in North America and around the world.

For further information, please contact:

Edward Bruggemann, Ph.D.
Crop Science
Business Development Manager, Genotyping Services
m: +1 515-745-9801

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