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Ensure your products meet consumer expectations and regulatory requirements for food quality, safety and sustainability.

Protect your brand by minimizing risks in your supply chain with our global compliance, training, testing, inspection, auditing and certification services.

Accessing global markets for food products can be complex. Every market has its own unique requirements, be it consumer driven tastes and demands or regulations covering safety, quality and sustainability.

We provide a comprehensive range of assurance and advisory services to help food businesses deliver high quality, safe and compliant products to markets around the world. Our global network of food experts, including highly qualified auditors and food safety specialists, and utilizing state-of-the-art laboratories and software applications, provide independent solutions covering all your knowledge, risk management and compliance needs.

We offer a wide range of testing solutions to internationally recognized standards. Our highly qualified analysts and industry experts will ensure your products meet client expectations and the requirements set by accreditation bodies and governments. From essential microbiological analysis to food authenticity, nutrition or allergen testing, our experts will process your samples quickly, professionally and accurately. Additionally, our food label reviewers can ensure that your product claims and labels comply with regulatory requirements.

We provide a comprehensive range of auditing and certification services in markets around the world, ensuring your supply chain conforms to local and international standards. In addition, we offer high-level market intelligence on a range of food sectors and a horizon scanning service for regulatory updates and product risk predictions using Artificial Intelligence.

SGS is a global leader in the provision of professional training, giving you access to innovative learning and development solutions that help you assess and improve your food safety and quality standards. Our courses cover all aspects of your food value chain, including sustainably, and can be delivered in a variety of formats, including virtual and e-learning.

With a global network of specialists in all markets, our services help you to build trust in your food supply chains.

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