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Global food supply chains require innovative and effective management solutions to ensure the delivery of safe products to markets around the world. From farm to fork, food supply encompasses production, processing, distribution, consumption and disposal. A disruption to one step of this process can create a domino effect that will impact the entire chain. This highlights the need for a proactive approach to supply chain management that identifies and mitigates risks before they can negatively impact the whole supply chain.

Effectively managing risk in the supply chain requires the implementation of processes and appropriate technologies that deliver an agile risk response in real time. We offer a comprehensive range of supply chain solutions, with state-of-the-art digital platforms that can be fully integrated into our customizable solutions. These include:

  • Verification of your existing supplier approval and pre-qualification process
  • Tailored supplier (risk) assessment/rating programs that use online tools to collect supplier information and assess compliance in ways that are meaningful to your business
  • Supply chain mapping, benchmark performance and risk exposure based on your criteria
  • Evaluating the cultures in your and your supplier’s organization, measuring the impact on performance using SGS Realize and Winning Culture online assessments
  • Developing customized performance assessment programs that include a targeted product inspection and analysis routine, label checks, product specification and regulatory compliance management

Wherever you operate in the world, SGS has the right solution to help you optimize your supply chain.

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