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SGS in Portugal

When SGS Group founded SGS Portugal in 1922, it was with the expectation that this affiliate would develop its activities based on the Group’s business principles.

Innovation and Human Resources are the key elements of our success. With a clear commitment to maintaining a highly qualified team, SGS Portugal already has more than 300 direct employees (and around 200 indirect ones) and an extensive pool of external specialists with total national geographic coverage (mainland and islands).

Our mission and vision are based on the Group's values and are the main added value we offer our clients and partners.

Currently, SGS Portugal continues to comply with these values. Our values, culture and know-how have been the driving forces behind our position for approximately a century and a half.

Originally dedicated to controlling the loading and unloading of bulk cereals, SGS Portugal has continuously been expanding its activity into other sectors, following the changes and demands of the market. Today, our competitive leadership extends to the most diverse sectors of economic activity.

We offer a vast portfolio of services in the areas of inspection, verification, testing, laboratory testing, consulting and certification in various industries.

Also noteworthy is the consolidated experience of SGS’s training academy (SGS Academy), with more than 3000 courses and the commitment to a training model with a strong practical component, making these courses effective tools for supporting efficiency, effectiveness and innovation in organizations. We specialize in offering excellent trainers with high levels of technical and pedagogical skill in the areas of food safety, industry, tradable goods, risk management, sustainability, circular economy and smart cities, among others.

We also have laboratories accredited in the areas of food (fresh, processed and baby foods, and animal feed), agriculture and minerals (soil, irrigation water, leaves and roots), environment (air and water), cosmetic, personal and household products (CPCH), medical devices, chemical and petroleum products, and non-destructive testing.

We build strong relationships with all stakeholders – customers, suppliers and service providers, governments, non-governmental organizations and the wider community.

We are a multicultural company, where employees from the various affiliates share knowledge and experience. We have thus combined our various skills to find the best solutions for our clients and business partners.

  • SGS Portugal - Sociedade Geral de Superintendência S.A.

Polo Tecnológico de Lisboa,

Rua Cesina Adães Bermudes 5, Lote 11, 1600-604,