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Food Regulatory Compliance

Ensure your foods comply with the latest market requirements.

From label compliance to regulatory intelligence, we give you access to data that supports your compliance journey.

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Food production is a highly regulated market. Governments around the world are constantly evolving legislation to ensure the food consumed by their citizens is safe. These regulations cover a wide variety of factors, including labeling requirements and limits on contaminants and residues.

We have developed a range of AI-based tools that operate in tandem with our network of experts to ensure your products always comply with the latest regulations – avoiding the risk of recall and demonstrating ongoing compliance. Services include up-to-date regulatory guidance dashboards (containing must-know information about each country/region in which you operate), food safety intelligence, and labeling reviews that ensure your product labels comply with local and international standards.

Our global network of specialists work alongside your team, ensuring continued regulatory compliance and market access. Their expertise will ensure your compliance systems are optimized, helping you to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

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