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Food Label Compliance

Comprehensive label review services to ensure compliance with food and pet food regulations.

Reduce risk, improve efficiency and ensure compliance with national and international product label requirements.

Consumers are increasingly looking at product labels for guidance regarding claims and characteristics when buying foods and pet foods. At the same time, it can be difficult for suppliers, exporters, importers and retailers to ensure regulation compliance as labeling requirements can differ between markets. Even when international legislation is identical, the way requirements are interpretated can be very different.

Benefits of SGS food labeling compliance solutions

We offer a comprehensive range of review services that assess both the generic and product-specific elements of product labels against relevant international and national regulatory requirements. Our experts understand your markets and will consider legal interpretations of national and international legislation. As part of the review process, they are also able to advise on misleading, misspelt or incorrect labeling elements and pictures, and can ensure labels are correctly translated into the respective market language.

Product compliance reviews are often part of a marketability check and are conducted in combination with analytical testing for product-specific safety and quality parameters. Nutrition information may be created following the results of the analytical tests.

In addition, utilize SGS DIGICOMPLY to stay informed on upcoming changes to regulatory requirements.

Why choose SGS?

We are recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity in the food and pet food supply sector. Our experts support the whole label development process – from simple label checks to complete verification of compliance with food regulations and full language translation. We ensure your product labels have the correct layout and design to meet market requirements and consumer demand.

SGS Digicomply
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