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Securing Our Water Future: SGS at the Forefront of Water Stewardship

May 06, 2024

Water is the lifeblood of our planet, crucial for human health, economic development, and thriving ecosystems. 

Securing Our Water Future SGS at the Forefront of Water Stewardship
As the global population grows and resource demands increase, the sustainable management of water resources has become a pressing concern. This is where the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) steps in.
Securing Our Water Future SGS at the Forefront of Water Stewardship

Water sustainability ensures the long-term availability of clean freshwater for human needs, ecosystems, and economic growth. It involves balancing water withdrawals with supplies and maintaining water quality. Through effective water management practices guided by the AWS framework, businesses can make significant contributions to water sustainability at both local and global levels.

At SGS, we take pride in our leadership role in promoting and implementing water sustainability practices, including the ISO-46001 Water Efficiency Management System (WEMS). Mr. Ali Hashim, our AWS Lead Auditor, brings extensive experience from conducting international AWS audits, playing a crucial role in guiding businesses on their water stewardship journey.

Securing Our Water Future SGS at the Forefront of Water Stewardship

The Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) standard provides a globally recognized framework that helps businesses of all sizes manage water resources responsibly. Here's what it offers:

  • A clear path for companies to assess their water use, set ambitious water stewardship goals, and implement strategies to achieve them.
  • Assistance in understanding water footprints, identifying areas for improvement, and reducing water consumption.
  • Promotion of collaboration with stakeholders, including local communities, to ensure sustainable water management practices in a catchment area.
Securing Our Water Future SGS at the Forefront of Water Stewardship

Benefits for Businesses:

  • Demonstrated commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.
  • Potential cost savings through reduced water usage and improved water management practices.
  • Enhanced reputation as a responsible water steward.
  • Assistance in securing permits and licenses related to water use.


Why Choose SGS Pakistan:

SGS offers a comprehensive suite of services to help companies achieve AWS certification, including:

  • Gap Analysis: Assess current water management practices against the AWS standard.
  • Hydrogeological Studies: Understand local water resources and identify potential risks and opportunities.
  • Water Balance Assessments: Develop a water balance to understand water inflows and outflows for efficient water use.
  • Verification of Water Saving Claims: SGS offers independent assessment services to verify water saving claims made by industries. This can be particularly valuable when an industry asserts a specific water reduction percentage, such as 30%.
Securing Our Water Future SGS at the Forefront of Water Stewardship

Mr. Ali Hashim has conducted a series of successful AWS audits internationally, including at BAT Dhaka, BAT Kushtia-Bangladesh, BAT Samarkand, BAT Uzbekistan, BAT Sri Lanka, BAT Korea, BAT Singapore, BAT Indonesia, and BAT Singapore. He has also provided AWS Gap Assessments for Fatima Fertilizer, Abbott Laboratories, PAKARAB Fertilizers, and Fuji Fertilizer Daharki, along with consultancy regarding ISO 46001 Certification for SM Denim Mills and Indus Home Limited. 

These efforts underscore SGS's commitment to providing comprehensive water stewardship services worldwide.

Securing Our Water Future SGS at the Forefront of Water Stewardship

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