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Launch of Industrial Training E-Learning Modules at SGS Pakistan

May 06, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that our SGS Pakistan’s team successfully launched new E-Learning modules, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing training through digital platforms.

This project aims to make learning easily accessible to a wide range of learners globally, providing flexibility and convenience through the SGS Academy platform.

Our E-Learning modules allow learners to access training materials at their own pace and convenience, enabling them to learn anytime and anywhere. This represents a major step forward in our journey towards progress and innovation.

We are proud to introduce 15 meticulously crafted E-learning modules on SGS Academy, covering topics such as API, NDT, Mechanical, and stationary equipment. These modules are designed to cater to individuals across various industries, providing valuable insights and knowledge that can enhance their professional growth and success.

The mechanical training module, in particular, is a valuable investment for inspectors, engineer managers, and supervisors seeking to excel in the field of mechanical engineering. Through a combination of industry knowledge, certifications, and refresher sessions, participants can gain a comprehensive understanding of industry-specific challenges and advancements.

These courses are beneficial for sectors including oil and gas, infrastructure, manufacturing, and construction. Previously only available for classroom sessions, we have now transformed them into convenient e-learning modules.

Here is the list of modules available:

 SN Course Title
 1 API 580 - Risk Based Inspection
 2 API 653 Aboveground Storage Tanks Inspection, Repair, Alteration and Re-construction
 3 API 570 - Piping Inspection
 4 API 510 - Pressure Vessel Inspection
 5 API 578 - Material verification for New and existing alloy piping systems
 6 API 574 - inspection of piping system components
 7 Welding Inspection
 8 Introduction to Metal Defects and its types
 9 Introduction to Non Destructive Testing, its Types and application
 10 Advanced NDT Techniques and its applications in industry
 11 Dye Penetrant Testing Technique
 12 Ultrasonic Testing Technique
 13 Vacuum Box Testing
 14 Hydrostatic Testing
 15 ASME Section V
 16 Asset Integrity Management 
 17 Failure investigation and Root Cause Analysis
 18 Condition Monitoring Techniques and its applications
 19 Mechanical integrity and Safety of Industrial Boilers
 20 Cathodic Protection system Design, installation and troubleshooting
 22 Safe use of scaffolding 
 23 Reliability centered maintenance
 24 Safe Use of Forklift
 25 Rules for Life
 26 Defensive Driving
 27 Fire Safety and Fire Warden
 28 First Aid and CPR
 29 Hazard Identification Risk Assessment (HIRA)
 30 Slip Trip and Fall prevention
 31 SGS Inspection process
 32 Liquid Penetrant Inspection
 33 Ultrasonic inspection
 34 General Welding Inspection
 35 General Inspection Reporting
 36 Painting and Coating
 37 SGS Training module for obtaining QM-01 Qualification
 38 Expediting Training
 39 Cable Testing and Inspection
 40 API 570 In-service piping inspection part 1
 41 API 570 In-service piping inspection part 2
 42 API 510 In-service pressure vessel part 1
 43 API 510 In-service pressure vessel part 2
 44 Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) (Introductory course)
 45 Radiographic Testing (RT) (Introductory Course)


We invite learners from all sectors to explore these modules on the SGS Academy platform and take a step towards enhancing their skills and expertise.

These modules will be easily accessible at our training page by all the customers and tailored to meet the diverse needs of our affiliates, providing valuable insights and knowledge to empower them in their respective field and it will ultimately contribute to their success. We look forward to seeing the positive impact of these modules on the growth and prosperity of our customers across the board.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey towards a smarter, more connected future in training and education.

Contact our team in SGS Pakistan or for more details.

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