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Accreditations and Notifications

The majority of our sampling, analysis, inspection and/or certification services are accredited according to the international standard(s) ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/IEC 17025 and/or ISO/IEC 17065.

The detailed scope of these accreditations/notifications is available online at:

ISO/IEC 17020I021 (SGS Nederland)RvA - I021
ISO/IEC 17020I213 (SGS Intron Certificatie)RvA - I213
ISO/IEC 17021C055 (SGS Nederland)RvA - C055
ISO/IEC 17021C625 (SGS Nederland / SGS I.C.)RvA - C625
ISO/IEC 17025L092 (SGS Nederland)RvA - L092
ISO/IEC 17025L017 (SGS Intron)RvA - L017
ISO/IEC 17025K044 (SGS Nederland)RvA - K044
ISO/IEC 17065C320 (SGS Nederland)RvA - C320
ISO/IEC 17065C015 (SGS Intron Certificatie)RvA - C015
ISO/IEC 17043R007 (SGS Nederland)RvA - R007
EN ISO/IEC 17029 and EN ISO 14065005-VV (SGS Belgium)Belac - 005-VV
ISO/IEC 17020005-INSP (SGS Belgium)Belac - 005-INSP
ISO/IEC 17020109-INSP (SGS Statutory Services Belgium)Belac - 109-INSP
ISO/IEC 17021005-CERT EMS (SGS Belgium)Belac - 005-CERT EMS
ISO/IEC 17021005-CERT QMS (SGS Belgium)Belac - 005-CERT QMS
ISO/IEC 17025005-TEST (SGS Belgium)Belac - 005-TEST
ISO/IEC 17025005-CAL (SGS Belgium)Belac - 005-CAL
ISO/IEC 17025025-TEST (SGS Lab Simon)Belac - 025-TEST
ISO/IEC 17025122-TEST (SGS Oleotest)Belac - 122-TEST
ISO/IEC 17065005-PROD (SGS Belgium)Belac - 005-PROD
EA-2/17NB 1939 (SGS Intron)
EA-2/17NB 0608 (SGS Nederland)
EA-2/17NB 0958 (SGS Intron Certificatie)
EA-2/17NB 0649 (SGS Belgium – Division Cebec)
EA-2/17NB 1179 (SGS Statutory Services Belgium)
EA-2/17NB 1639 (SGS Belgium)
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