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Mold Prevention in the Softlines Supply Chain

Expert guidance on dealing with mold in the softlines supply chain.

Mold is an important issue and significant problem for the leather and footwear industry – once mold appears it needs to be dealt with promptly and effectively to avoid damage to products.

The biggest risks to leather from mold come from staining and fat spurs. Damage from mold can adversely affect several aspects of business. It can cause increased costs due to the need for treatment, late deliveries, loss of sales, product recalls and damage to brand reputation.

When mold appears on footwear it is not easy to work out how long it has been there and who or what is responsible for it. Mold can grow almost anywhere, but it needs a food source, like leather, and moisture to grow and multiply. The many parts of the footwear supply chain – factories, storage sites and transportation – can make products vulnerable to the growth and propagation of mold.

This complimentary webinar looks at the causes of mold and explores methods of preventing it. There will be an opportunity to share experiences and ask the following questions to try and trace sources of mold within the supply chain:

  • Where were my materials sourced from?
  • Was this source safe and secure from mold?
  • Have my packaging materials been damaged or become damp?
  • Was the shipping container secure – without holes, checked for humidity and fumigated?
  • How are warehouses throughout the supply chain managed and controlled?


  • Introduction
  • Causes of mold
  • Ways to prevent mold or mitigate against it
  • Q&A

Who should attend?

This event is ideal for anyone involved in the leather and footwear industry with responsibility for quality control.


Paul Bridge, Deputy VP C&P Global Footwear and Leather

Paul joined SGS in May 2014 and has over 40 years of experience in technology and manufacturing of footwear and leather materials.

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Session 1
November 9, 2021, Tuesday >
9:00 am London (UK) / 10:00 am Paris (France) / 5:00 pm Hong Kong (China)

Session 2
November 9, 2021, Tuesday >
9:00 am New York (USA) / 2:00 pm London (UK) / 3:00 pm Paris (France)

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