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SQF Food Safety and Quality

Confirm that your food products meet the highest possible standards with SQF certification from SGS.

SQF is recognized by major retailers and foodservice providers around the world who require a rigorous, credible food safety management system. Designed as a food safety program, SQF also covers product quality with the SQF quality code, a feature that is unique to a certification program of this type. We offer SQF certification to confirm that your organization produces, processes, prepares and handles food products to the highest possible standards globally.

SQF applies to the entire supply chain, including the following:

  • Farm to fork
  • A separate standard to assess product and service quality attributes
  • A quality shield that can be displayed on the products of quality certified sites
  • The Codex HACCP methodology to identify and control food safety and food quality hazards
  • An ethical module

SQF requires a designated on-site practitioner responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the program.

Why choose SQF certification from SGS?

SQF certification helps your business to:

  • Improve process management by helping to identify and manage risk
  • Prepare for existing and new food safety and regulatory requirements
  • Provide proof of due diligence and instill confidence in food safety, quality and legality
  • Monitor product safety and quality
  • Gain a higher level of compliance for all programs
  • Increase profits
  • Reduce customer complaints
  • Improve traceability
  • Reduce recalls and withdrawals

SQF Food Certification – Recognized by GFSI

As a world leading provider of certification services, we offer you in-depth expertise in SQF requirements. The SQF program is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) as a scheme that can offer a seamless ‘field to fork’ food safety and quality certification solution. It provides supply chain management for the following processes:

  • Primary production
  • Food manufacturing
  • Storage and distribution
  • Food packaging manufacturing
  • Retail operations

To find out more about SQF certification, contact us today.

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