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Certified Clients and Products

Certified Client Directory

Verify the status of any SGS issued management system or process certificate with our certified client directory.

Certified Components & Products

SGS certifies components and finished products for wide range of goods, for both consumer and commercial products, including electrical and electronic, toys and juvenile products, and hardlines. Search this directory for details on valid certifications from SGS’ various Certification Bodies, as well as details of our own certifications.

Search the SGS certified components & products directory

Search the SGS Fimko safe products register (products certified before 2019.01.01)

Audited Supplier Verification (China)

To support relationships between international buyers and Chinese SMEs, we have developed a database that allows partners to review the results of supplier audits. The database can be searched using either a report number or a supplier name.

Search the SGS audited supplier verification database for China

California Air Resources Board: Airborne Toxic Control Measures (CARB ATCM)

Our CARB ATCM directory enables manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers to search for information on the certification of composite wood products.

Search the SGS CARB ATCM directory

Footwear Components & Products

SGS’s ECOSECURE certification supports the global footwear industry by enabling you to verify that components and/or products have undergone testing and are certified against this global benchmark.

Search the SGS ECOSECURE certified clients directory

Food Certification Marks

Food certification marks demonstrate a supplier’s commitment to food safety, health and hygiene. Our directory enables organizations in the food supply chain to verify the certification status of our clients.

Browse the SGS food certification marks directory

Further Information on Certifications for Consumer Goods

More information is available on a range of consumer goods certifications from the schemes’ own websites:

  • IECEE: the IECEE Test Certificate Database lists all registered CB certificates issued globally. Visit the IECEE database
  • Brazil INMETRO: the INMETRO certificate register allows users to verify the status of organizations and products operating within the country. Visit the INMETRO register
  • SGS Japan Inc.

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Connectivity & Products (RSTS)

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Connectivity & Products (Wireless)

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Knowledge (Sales)

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Knowledge (Sustainability Services)

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Knowledge (Medical Device Certification)

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Knowledge (Forestry Certification)

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Knowledge (Food Certification)

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