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Scanning services from SGS – realize your scanning projects from planning to operational implementation with successful results.

We provide governments worldwide with independent expertise and the operational capabilities to inspect cargo, containers or vehicles quickly, without disrupting the flow of legitimate trade, while promoting secure international supply chains.

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From assessing your specific needs through to the purchase, implementation and training, we have the expertise to support your organization throughout your scanning project. We can help you:

  • Define the best solution for your non intrusive inspection project
  • Maximize the return on investment by using scanning/NII equipment effectively
  • Ensure that the project can be financially self sustaining
  • Implement best practices and following guidelines such as the SAFE Framework from the WCO and ISO norms
  • Adopt the most suitable processes to the client’s configuration so cargo is targeted and controlled based upon its suspect contents while providing seamless movement of goods
  • Ensure that scanning operations are fully integrated with other e-Government solutions, such as Customs Management Systems, Risk Management and Single Window

Our cargo scanning services cover, but are not limited to:

  • Project financing
  • Project definition
  • Project management and turnkey solutions
  • Equipment selection and purchase
  • Acceptance tests and radiation safety certification
  • Equipment and site implementation
  • Technical operation
  • Equipment maintenance with minimum availability guarantee
  • Procedures and processes workflow design
  • Advance image analysis training and capacity building
  • Data management, data mining
  • Definition of KPI for the operation and maintenance, and provision of regular statistic and reporting to the authorities

Why choose SGS?

We bring together every aspect of realizing scanning projects: working with you to ensure your scanner implementation is effectively timed and controlled to deliver full operational capacity with minimal financial risk, while your officers/employees can focus on their core business and field of expertise. From international scanning supplier relationships to understanding of your local context, our experience is invaluable in ensuring you protect your borders while facilitating trade.

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