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Agricultural Commodities

Ensure the quality, quantity and safety of your agricultural commodities.

We verify and analyze your products to ensure they meet contractual and regulatory requirements for all global destinations.

The agricultural industry is facing increasing demand while risks relating to quality, safety and sustainability increase.  The agricultural supply chain is becoming ever more complex. Market players need to continually optimize their supply chains, to help reducing losses and additional costs while improving the quality and safety of the products delivered to the market. In a complex and highly regulated world, access to high quality and trusted independent testing and inspection services is key.

We deliver high quality, trusted testing and inspection services in all major global markets. In addition, fumigation, risk management, auditing and certification services, all backed by the latest market intelligence, ensure your commodities will efficiently reach their target global markets.

We are active members of GAFTA and FOSFA – meaning that our global experts always operate according to the latest industry best practices.

From field to consumer, SGS is recognized as the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company. With over a century of experience, we can support you in reducing risk, while improving efficiency and safety in your supply chains.

Get in touch today to learn more about SGS’s full range of solutions for the agricultural commodities industry.

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