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Sustainable agriculture is based on proper use of agricultural inputs such as seeds, crop protection products, water and soil fertility.

Crop Science services is helping to improve field productivity, verify the quality of your seeds and facilitate your chemical, biological and seed product development.

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The agriculture industry is challenged to feed more people on less land with lower use of fertilizers, pesticides and antibiotics. Precision agricultural technology should facilitate these challenges.  

Consumers are also more attentive to the food they eat. They want to know how it is produced, whether production is environmentally friendly and sustainable and be assured that food is healthy and free from harmful substances.  

At SGS, we help the agriculture industry to meet these standards. With us, you can access data to maximize yield profitability, supporting sustainable farm management practices, protecting soil and water and ensuring the compliance of new plant protection products, fertilizers and other agricultural inputs such as biocides, biostimulants and seeds.   

Our network of experts support farmers, cooperatives and crop consultants with a range of services, from soil testing to precision agriculture using the latest technologies.  

We support chemical and biological companies, ensuring their products will comply with the local and international regulations through fields studies and laboratory analysis.  

Our scientific experts provide support in seed research and development to ensure the fast development of effective new products. While our seed quality control laboratories, located around the world, safeguard the quality of your seeds.

Our global network of scientists and seed and field experts understand local, national and international requirements, and can support you during all phases of the product development cycle. Supported by state-of-the-art technology, crop management solutions and digital tools, our team provides accurate results and supports you with technical competence.

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