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SGS Leads the Way in Sustainability Report Assurance in Asia

May 21, 2024
  • Multiple sustainability reports already assured by SGS for top-listed Asian companies
  • Expertise offered in Europe, where sustainability reports can also be assured by SGS
  • Sustainability report assurance market to grow fast due to stringent standards set by regulators

Global roll-out of sustainability report assurance services by SGS

SGS announces that it has signed several sustainability report assurance contracts with top listed companies in India and various other countries throughout Asia and expects significant revenue growth in this area.

The Group has long been a pioneer in ESG assurance, and these successes are the result of its established longstanding expertise in independent assurance of sustainability reports. They position SGS as a trusted partner in the worldwide expansion of its sustainability assurance services.

As countries increase regulations in this sector, SGS is expanding its environmental, social and governance (ESG) assurance services into several markets, including Europe. Leveraging its extensive global presence and technical expertise, SGS addresses critical needs in sustainability oversight. These strategic services are essential for ensuring compliance with new regulatory standards and fostering global sustainability practices worldwide.

First-mover advantage in India

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) recently introduced more stringent regulations requiring companies to not only report sustainable practices but also account for the impact of their value chain on the environment. The rollout of these regulations targets a gradual inclusion of companies based on their listing status, starting with the top 150 entities in FY 2023-24 and expanding to the top 1,000 by FY 2026-27. This progressive approach allows for a scalable adoption of rigorous ESG reporting practices across the Indian corporate spectrum.

Recognizing the growing need for Independent Assurance Service Providers (IASP), SGS assembled a team of experts to develop a comprehensive ESG assurance service for the Indian market. SGS’s service verifies the accuracy and reliability of the reported information, while ensuring alignment with global reporting and assurance standards. The service ensures data integrity, legal risk mitigation and ESG compliance.

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