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Brazil Consults Over Two Proposals for Food Contact Materials

SafeGuardSHardgoodsApril 09, 2024

SG 56/24

Brazil has initiated two consultations to revise the positive lists for certain food contact materials and articles.

In March 2024,  Brazil’s National Health Agency (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária, Anvisa) issued two draft resolutions for food contact materials and articles.

These two pieces of draft legislation are:

Highlights of the two proposals are summarized in Table 1

Public consultation documentHighlights
PC No 1241/2024
  • Adds tetramethyl bisphenol F diglycidyl ether (TMBPF-DGE, CAS 113693-69-9) with specifications to the authorized list of monomers and other starting substances (Part 1 of the Annex)

  • Adds polyamide-imide 2 (PAI-2) with specifications to the list of authorized polymers (Part V of the Annex)
PC No. 1244/2024
  • Adds two substances with specifications to Table 1 of the Annex:
    • Silver-magnesium-sodium-boron phosphate (silver glass)
    • Diethylaminoethanol

Table 1

Comments are being accepted until May 14, 2024, for PC No 1241/2024, and May 28, 2024, for PC No. 1244/2024.

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