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Hong Kong Revises Standards for Toys and Children’s Products

SafeGuardSToys and Juvenile ProductsFebruary 29, 2024

SG 38/24

Hong Kong has revised the city’s list of standards for toys and children’s products. These new standards will become effective on August 1, 2024.

In Hong Kong, toys and children’s products are obliged to comply with all applicable requirements in any one of the safety standards specified in Schedule 1 (Toy Standards) and Schedule 2 (Schedule 2 Product Standards) to the Toys and Children’s Products Safety Ordinance (the Ordinance, Cap.424). These safety standards are international standards or standards adopted by major economies.

On February 16, 2024, Hong Kong issued the Toys and Children’s Products Safety Ordinance (Amendment of Schedules 1 and 2) Notice 2024 to revise four standards for toys and eight standards for children’s products under the Ordinance. The major changes in these standards can be found in Annex B to the February 2024 Legislative Council briefing document.

Highlights of the amendment are summarized in Table 1

Toys and Children’s Products Safety Ordinance (Amendment of Schedules 1 and 2) Notice 2024, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Gazette No. L.N. 17 of 2024, Legal Supplement No. 2,  February 16, 2024

ItemChildren’s ProductNew StandardCurrent Standard
1Toys - ‘Mechanical and physical properties’¹ISO 8124-1:2022ISO 8124-1:2018/Amd 1:2020/Amd 2:2020
2Toys - ‘Flammability’¹ISO 8124-2:2023ISO 8124-2:2014
3Toys - ‘Migration of certain elements’¹ISO 8124-3:2020/Amd 1:2023ISO 8124-3:2020
4Toys - ‘Olfactory board games, cosmetic kits and gustative games’¹BS EN 71-13:2021+A1:2022BS EN 71-13:2021
5Baby walking frames²ASTM F977-22e1ASTM F977-18
6Bunk beds for domestic use²ISO 9098-1:2023ISO 9098-1:1994
ISO 9098-2:2023ISO 9098-2:1994
7Child safety barriers for domestic use²ASTM F1004-23ASTM F1004-21
8Children’s paints²ISO 8124-3:2020 (incorporating Amendment 1:2023)ISO 8124-3:2020
9Playpens for domestic use²ASTM F406-22ASTM F406-19
10Wheeled child conveyances²AS 2088:2022
AS/NZS 2088:2013
BS EN 1888-1:2018+A1:2022BS EN 1888-1:2018
Effective dateAugust 1, 2024In force
¹Schedule 1 to the Ordinance ‘Toy Standards’
²Schedule 2 to the Ordinance ‘Schedule 2 Product Standards’

Table 1

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