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SGS’s Canary Islands, Spain Site Expands Its Capacity to Include Bitumen Testing

June 09, 2021

We’re excited to announce that our Canary Islands site in Spain has expanded its scope to include bitumen testing as well as gas oil and fuel oil testing.

Business Manager David Lopez Alvarez said, "By extending our scope of product testing, we answer a genuine need that our clients have – and more generally, are able to offer a full package of services that includes testing, inspection, sampling and control of stocks.”

What is bitumen used for?

The vast majority of the bitumen consumed globally is used in road construction, after it is mixed with rock aggregates to create asphalt.

As a binding agent, bitumen is responsible for the stability of the asphalt. It is therefore crucial that construction companies use bitumen that meets the required quality parameters and standards. If testing methods are substandard, poor quality bitumen may be used, posting a significant safety risk to the general public.

Bitumen Testing at SGS

SGS provides bitumen testing through a network of laboratories located around the world. For bitumen analysis, we use a range of different methods to meet varying requirements.

Bitumen analysis performed at our Canary Islands site is conducted according to recognized ASTM or ISO standards. Each sample is analyzed rigorously to ensure that it meets the full scope of quality requirements. Our team assesses the sample's density, solubility, viscosity and other required parameters.

For further information, please contact:

Sebastián Martínez Pérez
Country Assistant Manager
SGS Spain
t: +34 68 241 80 60

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