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Land, Water and Data Management

Successful site and project management depends upon a complete understanding and careful management of the full scope of your undertaking including project goals, site geography and natural features. 

The data related to your project must be accurately collected and analyzed, securely warehoused, transparent and accessible to all authorized staff in your organization.

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SGS has global systems in place to support the management of the land, water and data related to major projects around the world. Our fully-accredited, third party technical experts work with you to select the land, water or data management services that you need to ensure the smooth operation of your site or project from initial sampling to closure. Our land, water and data management services include:

  • Tailings services
  • Closure monitoring, planning and management
  • Hydrogeological services
  • Data warehousing
  • Excavated ground management
  • Soil and sediment sampling
  • Contaminated land studies

SGS has the global network of integrated services to efficiently manage your site or project. We complete sampling and on-site analyses and then use the data to establish an accurate data baseline. Our technical staff and data management experts continuously monitor your site or project and identify any deviations from your baseline. Experienced project and site managers around the world trust SGS to store their project and site data securely and in a format that is understandable and accessible.

SGS has the field, laboratory and data management capability to give you a detailed understanding of your site and its structures, geography and natural features. Take advantage of our experience and expertise to ensure the seamless management of your land, water or data. 

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