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Data Warehousing

Effective data warehousing is vital for the success of a project at every stage from exploration to production.

Property owners, exploration companies, mining companies, financing companies and engineering firms must able to store and share the data gathered over the lifetime of a project.

Sample data is the basis of an exploration project, and data storage is an important component of exploration project management. Warehoused data from a project can include geochemical, metallurgical, environmental and other geostatistics gathered during exploration projects, drill programs and conditional simulation.

SGS data warehousing provides a secure environmental for your sampling and analytical data and provides a transparent audit trail. The security and confidentiality of your data is paramount, but at the same time, your project contractors need to be able to access this data storehouse for analysis, simulations, reporting and other activities.

SGS sets the industry standard for secure, transparent warehousing of data from exploration projects. Data on your sample locations, test results and reports are stored in our controlled repository on an SGS server. It can be audited at any time. When your data is warehoused with SGS, you can be sure that:

  • The confidentiality of your information is ensured
  • Your data is secure and will not be lost
  • You have complete control over your data
  • You have a complete audit trail of all your data
  • Those who are authorized to access the data can find it and use it easily
  • The data can be easily understood and effectively analyzed and refined
  • The data will not be corrupted or changed

Protect your investment by storing your valuable data with SGS, the leader in secure, transparent data warehousing.

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