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Frozen Food Inspection SGS PERU teaser

SGS 2022 Full Year Results

We successfully navigated the challenges of 2022 with a resilient financial performance.

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Rakah Mine and Tailing

SGS Wins New Laboratory Services in Oman

SGS has successfully secured a new laboratory services contract in Oman.
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Geochemistry Laboratory SGS PERU

TMC Approves Five SGS Laboratories for Fiber Fragmentation Testing in Asia, Europe and USA

TMC’s approval ensures greater availability of microfiber testing services to clients around the world.
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Woman Buying Colourful Zippers

France Updates Requirements for the Textile Fashion Industry

France issues Order challenging brands to use more sustainable processes, display environmental labels and integrate recycled materials into their collections. It also gives new requirements to eco-organizations associated with the clothing, linen and footwear (TLC) sectors.
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The Importance of the Customized Assessment Tracking System CATS

The Importance of the Customized Assessment Tracking System (CATS)

Once second-party assessments are completed, having a system to track, analyze and manage the reports and findings in real-time is vital.
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Management of Communication in the Business Environment

SGS Productivity Methodological Guide – Management of Communication in the Business Environment

In a company, the most important and differentiating factor is its people. To avoid problems and inefficiencies of communication, we must create a system that facilitates the transmission of information with order and precision.
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V-Label for Cosmetics, Personal Care and Household Products

V-Label for Cosmetics, Personal Care and Household Products

Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency to easily identify vegan and vegetarian products. V-Label offers consumers clarity and reliability thanks to standardized and best-in-class verification criteria in the labeling process.
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Knowing and Navigating the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

Understanding and implementing the UN SDGs is key to achieving your sustainability and ESG goals.
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Digitalized Padlock with Digital Background

The Importance of ISO/IEC 27001 and Its Evolution

Escalating threats, innovative technology and greater connectivity mean that organizations, individuals and nations must keep pace with the evolution of cyberattacks and implement the latest protection measures.
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Auto Factory Workers Working on Automobile Assembly

Improving Standards With Global Automotive Social Compliance Factory Assessments

The automotive supply chain is becoming more complex. It is vital that you thoroughly address key social compliance factors.
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