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Stockpile Inventory Measurement

Stockpiles must be measured to determine contained volume and weight of the commodity contained within.

SGS uses Total Station, a state-of-the-art laser-based instrumental method, to measure stockpiles in which the entire surface area is visible. We can then provide you with accurate measurements of mineral stockpiles at ports, refineries, manufacturing facilities or mine sites. This data ensures regulatory compliance and allows you to manage your stock and inventory through rapid on-going calculations.

Worldwide, SGS’s professional staff have extensive experience in such independent stockpile monitoring and measurement. We work with you to obtain a complete and accurate measurement of the volume and weight of your commodity. Accurate stockpile evaluation and measurement provide you with a number of benefits including:

  • Transparent evaluation of the inventory for financial reports, excise duty, loans
  • Compliance with national and other regulatory requirements
  • Data to help plan and manage your purchasing and stock administration
  • Very rapid calculations of inventory, including daily provisional reports

Total Station Stockpile Measurement

SGS professionals use the Total Station method to measure either irregular stockpiles formed by dumping or more controlled stockpiles formed by conveyors. We enter the data obtained by measuring your stockpile in the Total Station data logger, and then download it to a PC to calculate the actual volume. The data is also used to generate a contour map of the stockpile using Civil CAD software.

Determining Density and Overall Tonnage

SGS technical experts determine the density of your material using drilling and density sensing equipment. Our equipment is operated by dedicated professionals whose primary function is to collect data used to accurately characterize storage pile density. Stockpile density data is used to calculate the overall tonnage of your stockpiles.

Accurate and reliable stockpile inventory measurement is one cargo and vessel service offered by SGS, a trusted leader in bulk cargo inspection and management.

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