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Seed Treatment Dust Off Studies

With a global network of high-tech laboratories and field experts, SGS provides comprehensive seed treatment services, wherever you are based.

One of our specialisms involves conducting seed amendment studies and the associated seed dusting tests. This test measures the amount of dust that can enter the atmosphere when a treated seed is agitated.

Determining dust off rates is important step in evaluating the characteristics of your seed amendment, as well as its usability and safety. When a treated seed is agitated, it can produce a substantial amount of dust. Since a speck of dust (or seed particle) can be a potential health and safety hazard, the results of our dust off studies help you measure and minimize that risk.

Seed Amendment Studies

From study initiation to data analysis, we can modify every step of your project to your specifications. In fact, we are able to customize the study design, replication, results summary, statistical analysis, graphical representation and final report format.

We have the experience, equipment and staff to accommodate your pre-treated studies or to apply your specific treatments at our laboratory. We will evaluate protectants, polymers and coatings for performance, seed safety and storability to meet your study requirements.

Using SGS to conduct seed treatment dust off studies, as well as other seed tests, delivers multiple benefits. Get in touch now to discover how we can help you to enhance yields, reduce your risks and maximize the value of your resources.

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