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Road and Rail Calibration

When transporting bulk fuels, feedstock and petrochemicals by road and rail, accurate quantification of the goods is often a challenge.

Even minor systemic errors, when repeated over and over again can give rise to significant losses, excessive charges for freight and insurance and waste large amounts of resource trying to remediate physical losses that in point of fact do not exist. It is therefore important that all actors in the supply chain have confidence in the measurement of quantities.

This in turn means that calibration of road trucks and rail wagons, and the associated equipment such as dipsticks, thermometers, weighbridges and so on all require professional level equipment and competent operators. SGS calibrators offer a variety of services addressing the needs of transporters, road and rail operators and traders.
Our specialists can offer calibration on road and rail equipment using a variety of internationally accepted methods from API, IP, ISO and national standards bodies. We can also provide services associated with calibration such as the provision of replacement dipping sticks, conversion of charts from one system to another and recalibration after repair or upgrade.

Why SGS?

SGS is your first port of call for calibration services for the whole range of storage and transport solutions. 

Our experienced, highly trained calibrators operate using state-of-the-art technology. Many of our facilities are accredited to ISO/IEC 17020, ensuring that we provide measurement to the highest international standards. SGS maintains quality and monitors proficiency through participation in internal and third-party calibration programs, internal and independent audits and rigorous training and competency compliance standards.

We are also an active member of a number of industry bodies, standards organizations and technical working groups, including those within ASTM, ISO, CEN, EI (The Energy Institute, formerly the Institute of Petroleum) and IFIA.

Find out more about how road and rail calibration services from SGS can support your operations.

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