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Production Agriculture

Production agriculture needs continuous innovation to improve the management and sustainability of natural resources.

Reduce risk, ensure quality and improve productivity with agriculture services from SGS. From seed sampling and testing, research and development, field trials, product development and fertility management to regulatory services to aid the development of seeds, fertilizer and plant protection products, we have the experience and expertise to support your business.

Soil, Leaf and Water Services

Optimize and improve crop development, increase growth and ensure quality while protecting the environment with precision farming, soil classification, sampling and laboratory testing of plant tissue, soil, water and fertilizers.

Seed Services

Comprehensive seed sampling, testing and research services. To develop new products, research seed health, or produce commercial seeds you require expert advice and resources to assess, optimize and improve quality.

Contract Research Services

To develop and register agricultural inputs, such as crop protection products, seeds or fertilizers, requires a range of expert resources. Our contract research services support the development and registration of agricultural inputs, and help you to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

  • Field trials: our global network enables you to test your new crop protection products, seed varieties and fertilizers before going to market in different geographic and climatic conditions. We provide good experimental practice (GEP) (in the US, good efficacy practice), good laboratory practice (GLP), study directorship, project management and demonstration field trials.
  • Ecotoxicology and environmental fate studies: evaluate the impact new products will have on flora and fauna. Our experts can test products under controlled field and laboratory conditions on your behalf.
  • Analytical chemistry: our network of laboratories test and analyze the potential harmful residues relating to pesticides, biocides, fertilizers and drugs for humans and animals.
  • Regulatory services: our regulatory services can support the registration of plant protection products through the analysis, management, coordination, compilation and submission of data. By ensuring products comply with agricultural regulations, we save you time as well as the cost of unnecessary delays.

Other Services

  • Seed treatment plant: we can certify seed treatment plant against SeedGuard and ESTA and also provide GLP dust drift studies, in accordance with EU guidelines.
  • Audit and certification: verify the quality of your product, of your system.
  • Market research: with extensive industry experience, knowledge and understanding, we can collect data to help you to make the right decision about new products and crops.
  • Crop monitoring and agronomic services: identify the source of production problems and optimize the yield.

With more than 130 years’ experience, we understand the challenges that you face. Contact us to find out how our range of services can help your business grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace.

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