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Physical Testing for Biofuels

The solid biofuel industry is experiencing rapid growth in response to rising oil prices and increasing concern over the environmental impact of the petrochemical industry. 

The SGS global team provides biofuel physical testing services to help characterize this innovative energy source.

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SGS is backed by decades of fuel testing experience. We understand laboratory operations and are well versed in determining the physical properties of coal, coke and other such materials. Finally, we have the equipment and the experience to provide you with timely and accurate test results for your solid biomass materials.

Our biofuel testing services, which also include chemical and calorific values on biofuels, are as follows:

  • Moisture determination
  • Density determination testing
  • Grain size or sieve analysis

Accurate, timely biofuel testing results from SGS ensure contractual compliance and optimize your biofuel operations.

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