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Commissioning Services and Management

During the construction phase of your project, it is important to keep tight control over the quality of the materials and services that you are procuring. Equally crucial is ensuring that the environmental conditions during construction will not pose a risk when you commence operations.

At SGS, our specialists in commissioning services and management can help you to keep control of the assembly of your equipment and ensure that any geotechnical risks are managed effectively. Our analytical and lab services give you the assurance you need that ground and water pollution are kept to a minimum, while our contaminated land studies ensure that you are not running the risk of building on land unsuited for its intended use.

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Our unparalleled network of experts works as a team to provide the most comprehensive solution to the challenges of your project, building valuable skills to support the project once you commence operations.

Wherever you are in the world, SGS is your management and quality control partner of choice when developing factories, hard assets and infrastructure. Find out how we can support you.

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