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Our Training Creates Value to Society

March 10, 2020
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At SGS, we rely on a skilled workforce to deliver our services and ensure that we are meeting customer demands and legislative requirements for quality, safety and efficiency.

We invest in training to ensure that our employees are continuously improving their skills and staying up to date with advances in their industries and changes in legislation. Our training also helps us to ensure the wellbeing of our staff, so that our employees are happy to work for us. This enables us to retain leading experts while benefiting from enhanced productivity.

Our investment in training has impacts far beyond our company. We have a network of offices and laboratories that extends around the world, and our employees carry their training with them wherever they go. They can use the skills they have learned to make positive contributions to society in countries around the globe. Our training also provides employees with the resources to pursue new career opportunities, adding value to society through their increased employability.

We estimate that our investment in training and development programs, which represented almost 2.7 million workforce hours in 2017, has had an impact on society of more than CHF 188 million.

How We Measure the Value to Society of Our Training

The value to society from training is derived from the benefits gained by the individuals who complete it. Using existing research studies to determine Social Return on Investment (SROI), we calculate the benefits of training that our employees accrue due to enhanced employment activities and increased earnings. The quantified impacts, in monetary terms, are calculated using total investment in training and development multiplied by the SROI.

Using Training to Embed a Culture of Integrity

Integrity is essential to SGS. Therefore, we provide integrity training for all of of our employees. This training begins during the onboarding process and continues throughout an employee’s time at SGS. All new hires must learn about the SGS Code of Integrity and complete an e-learning module on integrity within three months of joining.

Afterward, they are required to attend Annual Integrity Training (AIT), which covers all aspects of our Code of Integrity, including human rights, bribery, corruption, non-discrimination, employee relations and safety. This training is available both online and in the classroom, ensuring that all employees have the opportunity to complete it. 91,500 employees, 94% of our workforce, attended the AIT in 2018. Each year, the content of our AIT is refreshed, using case studies drawn from issues that arise in the business.

Quarterly Integrity Talks complement the AIT. During these talks, supervisors and their teams discuss important integrity issues that are covered in the Code of Integrity and are related to their work in the field. 74 countries participated in 2018.

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