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Oil, Gas and Chemical Inspection

Trade inspection services from SGS help to ensure efficient operations and monitor regulatory compliance.

The supervision of bulk movements - measuring both the quantities involved and the quality of each parcel - remains a basic trade requirement in business. However, the methodologies and techniques in use have developed over the years. Effective loss control and the preservation of cargo quality using standard trade methodologies alongside our innovative procedures, local knowledge and technical support is the primary goal of this service set.

Trade Inspection Services From a World Leader

We continue to develop innovative methodologies to allow measurements to be made and validated and to allow trade facilitation, while at the same time complying with a changed environment and the various technologies in use around the world.

Why SGS?

In a world where trade is always dynamic, we help you to make your trade a success. Our global network has been working to monitor and facilitate trade for many decades, setting the standard in inspection and analysis.

In the oil and gas sectors access to volatile hydrocarbons has become more restricted in response to concerns over issues such as VOC release and staff health and safety. Our trade inspection services comply with the basic API MPMS and EI HM guidelines, as well as local trade standards, practices and requirements. Our field staff are all trained to meet the industry standards such as the IFIA Petroleum Inspector registration and are familiar with ISO, ISGOTT, EN, USCG and similar norms and regulations as they are applied to the bulk liquid hydrocarbon measurement and sampling business at a local level.

What Our Trade Inspection Services Offer

Our trade inspection services include:

  • Measurement of volumes and weights ashore and on board tankers
  • Sampling of oil, gas and chemical cargoes
  • Inventory measurement of oil, gas and chemicals
  • Laboratory analysis of bulk hydrocarbon cargoes
  • Pipeline measurement of bulk hydrocarbon deliveries
  • Preparation of inspectors reports to be used with Letters of Credit
  • Suitability inspections of shore tanks before rental or use
  • Supervision of lightering and other ship to ship transfers
  • Bunker surveys
  • On hire and off hire surveys
  • FPSO and blend ship supervision
  • Blend supervision of gasoline, fuel oil and LPG blends

Our experts sit on industry standards bodies helping to develop, update and amend industry norms with the trade bodies such as API, ISO, EN, IFIA, and EI.

Find out how SGS can support the smooth running of your operations.

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