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Road & Rail Transport Monitoring

Our chemical cargo inspectors will provide you with the peace of mind you need when transporting dangerous or fine chemicals by road or rail ISO tanks.

Safety and cargo integrity are paramount in the transportation of chemicals, and SGS inspectors are trained in all aspects of best practice in handling ISO tankage, be it HSE requirements, cargo integrity and/or quantity determination. They are equipped to meet all current requirements and standards.

What You Can Expect From Our ISO Tank Inspection Service

Prior to loading, our inspectors will ensure that:

  • The ISO tank(s) are in a suitable condition, including cleanliness, to receive the nominated grade  
  • Samples of the product to be loaded are drawn to ensure quality conformity to the customer’s expected specification

After loading, our inspectors will:

  • Determine the quantity loaded
  • Witness the closing of all valves and lids and apply seals if required by the transaction partners

On arrival at the discharge location our inspectors will:

  • Examine the integrity of all seals, valves and lids, etc.
  • Witness the discharge operation, similar in every respect to that carried out at the load location 

Equally as important as ensuring that the cargo departs and arrives in good condition, without quality degradation or quantity loss, is the safe return of the empty ISO container back to its site of origin.
On completion of the discharge operation the SGS inspector will examine the ISO tanks to ensure that valves and lids are securely closed and sealed where necessary. The return journey can then commence with the integrity of the empty tanks ensured.

Why SGS?

SGS has a wide global experience in the field of chemical transportation. We place great emphasis on the importance of adherence to regulation and standards and on the application of best practice principles in the services we provide.

Find out more about how ISO tank inspections from SGS can support your chemical transport operations.

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