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Increase skills, knowledge and performance while creating future industry leaders and enhancing continuous professional development with ISO and business training courses.

Training is often undervalued

Quality training will help your organization remain competitive. It enables you to keep up with the latest industry practices and ever-changing technical and ISO standards, as well as comply with legal and regulatory obligations.

However, maintaining a consistent level of learning across your organization can be a complex task. That is why you need to ensure that all personnel, local and global, receive consistent and high-quality training.

Transformation through training

An organization’s greatest asset is its workforce. Unlocking your workforce’s full potential is key to creating a successful business. Employees must receive training that promotes continuous personal and professional development.

SGS Academy offers training courses that provide the skills and knowledge needed to transform your people and business.

SGS Academy training in numbers

We provide:

  • Courses in more than 100 countries
  • A portfolio of over 20,000 courses, in more than 20 languages
  • A network of over 1,000 tutors
  • Training to more than 200,000 people a year

Meeting your evolving needs

We offer face-to-face (classroom), virtual (remote, online), eLearning (self-paced) and blended courses, as well as customized training to meet your evolving needs.

Standards-based training

We provide training for ISO and other standards for various levels of employees, such as introduction, internal auditor/lead auditor and implementation courses. We also offer other technical training subjects to improve business processes.

Industry-based training

We offer industry-specific workforce development solutions across many areas, including food, medical, industrial and automotive.

Subject area training

Our training content covers domain knowledge and skills in specific areas, such as sustainability, health and safety, information security, regulatory compliance, personal development and process improvement.

A data-centric approach

As the global leader in assessment, auditing and certification, our vast dataset of industry pain points spans over 39 industries across the globe and over 200,000 customers, allowing us to identify gaps and develop tailored learning solutions.

People learn in different ways. It makes practical and economic sense to find adaptable, intuitive training solutions that can be customized to meet organizational and individual expectations. Training must focus on relevant and memorable content.

Our data-centric approach will meet your needs and includes:

Bespoke learning

By utilizing your existing audit data or conducting a gap assessment, we can identify issues and develop customized training to eliminate all gaps.

Industry training solutions

From an overall industry analysis of our dataset, we know each industry’s top pain points and can bundle existing training to solve specific business needs.

Online access with LMS

SGS Academy’s customized Learning Management System (LMS) provides employees and management with online access to relevant training and continuous professional development. It makes learning easier to organize, record and undertake consistently at a global level.

For learners

  • Intuitive – uses recognizable online methods to enhance training
  • Effective – uses client data to target relevant courses, promoting continuous professional development
  • Tracked – all training is recorded and accessible at any time
  • Organized – schedules are in one place to simplify planning. Changes to schedules, course definitions, etc. are instant
  • Certificates – direct access to printable documentation
  • Control – the learner can book courses, allowing control over their schedule

For management

  • Reports – many relevant reports are available in a suitable format
  • Invoicing – complete control over invoicing, allowing budget supervision
  • Resource management – total visibility of all aspects of staff training

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